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Inflation 21 9, 10:17pm


Yeah, who needs health insurance anyway? What a waste, sick people should just pull themselves up by the bootstraps like a couple random examples of people that managed to do it. We obviously need to spend much more on the military. We aren't quite spending as much as the entire rest of the world put together yet, we only spend 45% of the worlds' military budget, if we only spent a mere $206 billion more per year, we could spend more than everyone else put together! Of course, that's only counting what we spend on our own military, considering how much we spend on our allies' militaries, we're probably much closer.

No, clearly the deficits are the fault of the ACA, spending a few billion each of the next few years is the culprit, not the hundreds of billions a year on defense, or the $1.7 billion spent on the Iraq war. Of course, there must be far fewer people in the Middle East chanting now, right? They all love us there, or is our health care spending still keeping them from the adulation that us invading them certainly must have caused? And ignore that over the next ten years that non-partisan experts believe the ACA will actually reduce the deficit, and the amount it saves will grow from there. We can't afford to save any money, that'll just tempt our government to spend more! And that will hurt the economy because war is peace, and slavery is freedom. So glad you set me straight...