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Looking for a new home 21 9, 10:38pm

It is about simple math.
At 1900 AD, about 0,9 million people lived in Syria. Now different estimates are between 16-24 million. If you extrapolate 110 years into the future, you would get 300-600 millions just in Syria. In 230 years, it would be 5-15 billion in Syria. I could go on, you know. But the groundwater reserves in the area are already depleting and that is not because of climate change (ground water is being depleted because of pumping, not because of evaporation). There are limits to growth and when those limits arrive, it arrives together with resource wars. So the war is just a natural consequence to natural overbreeding, a natural collapse is on its way and Europe (or anyone) can't do anything to stop it. If we let those breeders into Europe in massive numbers, then we will simply let Europe to collapse as well. Saudi Arabia oil reserves are not infinite, their time of resource limits will come in the future as well.

And as to game theory, you might be interested in the spread of terrorism (or any other cultural trait) via the Conway's Game of Life or via iterative Prisoner's Dilemma games. Tit-for-tat is quite a good strategy. Tooth-for-tooth. Limb-for-limb. Life-for-life. MAD. It is not just bacteria who are playing such games, it is superpowers as well and not playing is not rational. The only way out would be a global social contract striving for regional sustainability - one which would prohibit overbreeding and mass flocking to other regions and continents. Mass immigration destroys any regional sustainability efforts, period. Only regional biotopes supported by national states can nurture regional sustainability. Immigration has to be bounded to no more than 0,1% annually (perhaps even to no more than 0,05% annually).