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Fishy Situation 22 9, 5:37pm

> There is a propaganda machinery in Russia

I know that better than you ever will, believe you me. But I really can't grasp why do you drag it back into conversation.

> I prefer Putler because of the comparison with both Sudetenland and Anschluss

The comparison is not that relevant as you might think. Crimea really is populated by mostly Russians, you know. Quite a lot of them had the grudge against Ukraine government (mostly unjustified, but still). The referendum in Crimea would yield basically the same results if it was held properly, the "over 99% in favour" result is attributed to boycotting the referendum by ethnic Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars, which, however, constitute a minority. In that respect Crimea is more like a Northern Ireland (especially now). Still no excuse for annexing it, for sure, but not that Anschluss-isch as you seem to see it.

> Well, Nazism - Communism. Different shades

WTF?! Different shades of what? Go read something, like at least

> Published in the USA? Whut? I live in Norway.

Well, you quoted the American book, didn't you?

> Sentence by the law? Are you for real?

My dear boy, please read more (or at least something) on the subject before arguing in the interwebz:

> When the surviving 83.000 prisoners were sent back to Russia, how many were were executed for "desertion"?

Sources that I found (in English) quote that about 90% of total former Soviet POW were cleared after investigation, most of others were sent to labour camps, executed was only a minor fraction (I suppose those, whose collaboration with the enemy was proven: there always are traitors). What are your sources? Or was that just a rethorical question, begging for an answer like "OVER 9000%"?

> And why do you try to save your own history by comparing with the Nazi regime?

I most certainly do not. Read the discussion once again: some bloke said that Stalin was worse than Hitler, and that's bullshit, I just try to bring some sanity here. Failing, as it seems.