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Looking for a new home 23 9, 10:57pm

@txag70 "This is a MAJOR problem. Education has to be a top priority to fix this."

Oh yea, but you know, funds are required. And we cannot forsee events that will cause massive local drops in education.

"and that is that you will inevitably end up with a population that is older for a while until the larger generation dies."

But the inevitable economic collapse will quite probably kickstart a chain of events leading to a surge in birth rates, which means that the problem will only temporarily be fixed.

"raising the retirement age for public pensions/social security."

Is the most realistic approach to budget deficiets. Also a serves as bandaid on the issue of overpopulation, as it is one of the few actions that won't end in destabilized countries (which will again, surge the birth rates).

"Most western european cultures"

Meh, I was recently in Czech republic, took a train ride, and sure. There are plenty of towns and villages compared to home, but if anything, there's room. Abandoned structures a plenty there. The sky is the limit.

Meanwhile in my municipality we have a population density of 1.16 human beings per square km.

"not enough electricity/food/water/land."

Only food and water are real issues. If there were sufficient interest in clean and near limitless electricity we could make it happen. However, it's not economically justifiable. As for land.
Well skyscrapers, taller and bigger.
If all of Europe had their cities smashed and replaced with predominantly skyscrapers, we'd save square kms in laughable quantities. However, again, economics and historically significant buildings.