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White Wonderland 24 9, 3:17am

@FTKnight Not all Americans. Here in MN, we call people down south the same. We are colder than most major Canadian cities, and our snowfall would fall somewhere in the middle. Maybe below average for Canada, but not by much, and it comes in bunches, so we're used to dealing with it. Snow and cold have to be pretty bad to faze us, it's not like Atlanta, where an inch completely stops the entire city.

The world record for most snow in a day is in Colorado, not in Canada (the US record is actually more than 1/3 higher than the Canadian record, and is actually near people, it's significantly closer to a city of 100K than the Canadian record is to a town of 1/10 that). And places like the UP Michigan, upstate NY, and of course the Rockies and Sierra Nevadas, get snow that rivals the snowiest parts of Canada, also measured in feet, and most of them don't cancel school for any amount of snow.

Yes, there definitely are parts of the US where they freak out about snow or cold, and they do deserve scorn, but there are lots of places in the US that are as winter-capable as Canada. There certainly are a higher percentage of winter weather wimps in the US, but in absolute numbers, we have more people that can handle anything Jack Frost can throw at us (it helps that the US has 10 times as many people, I just picked a handful of states where the entire state gets both a significant amount of snow and bitter cold, and I got more people than live in all of Canada, and I didn't even include upstate NY, which has tons of hardy winter folk).