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Looking for a new home 24 9, 10:36pm

@ThorsomeTarmukas "Whether Czech have more room and resources or not can only be assessed via ecological footprint analysis."

Are we seriously going to start to care about that only because people with brown skin "invades"?
Get real.

"Greenland has a lot of free undeveloped area,"

But not enough gas stations.

Seriously though, have you ever heard of the word import?

"And mankind should not use up all the natural resources."

Again, are we seriously going to start giving a crap because Europe might have their population increased by a single procentual unit. Meanwhile the middle east loses %s of it's population anyway.

If this is a problem call those wasting resources for no reasons, Russia, the US, China and India are good starts. Syrian refugees? not so much.

"outer space is infinite, but even an infinite space would not support a constant eternal population growth"

It's quite proven that developed living conditions = low birth rates.