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Looking for a new home 24 9, 11:31pm

@txag70 "Electricity -- well with nuclear power we could get there but still, it would take a few decades to "make it happen"."

Obviously it'd take decades, I meant that sources (even clean ones not even fission based) for electricity is abundant.

What I mean with "real issues" is that whereas space on earth is still avaible a plenty, and even then, there's space.

However food and water are resources that has a limit on them. There's only so much water to support such population and only so much food that can be produced on earth.

"It is possible to have a population decline without an economic collapse"

Probably, because it will be an issue no matter how many stopgap measures we take.

"High wages"

Thing is, less people will buy less even if they have large disposable incomes... so lost purchases = lost jobs = lost money = lost living standard = and so on.