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Looking for a new home 24 9, 11:51pm

@ThorsomeTarmukas "";
*last revised 2003...

And I wonder if it ever takes nomads into account. Quite probably not.

"the regional populations should already be in a long decline."

Eh, nope. Rather the opposite are usually true.

"So don't expect compassion from math-savvy individuals towards Syrian families with lots of children."

Math-savvy? Entitled much? Did you ever consider that having lots of children is a survival strategy.

"The most rational syrian families would voluntarily have 1 child per family - they are the ones perhaps worth saving"

Get real.

"Compassion is saved for the chimpanzees and gorillas who are getting extinct and not a single humanitarian sheds a single tear about it lately"

*Humanitarians* are not necissarly Chimpanzeesarians. Or gorillarians. Just because it's not the fashion of the week doesn't mean that it isn't taken seriously by a whole bunch of people.

And if you value animals life more than humans, you better take it seriously when the stakes rises.