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Looking for a new home 25 9, 2:18am

"last revised 2003..."

To overturn my claim you only need to show that Syria's population has not risen >2x in less than a century.

/* "the regional populations should already be in a long decline."

Eh, nope. Rather the opposite are usually true. */

You misunderstood. Yes, usually populations get bigger. But with dwindling resources, populations should get smaller to avoid the inevitable crash.

Look up the swings of population dynamics models based on the golden ratio - the closer to the limits to growth the population grows, the lower it falls.

"Math-savvy? Entitled much?"

As I recall, the math of exponential growth was around 6th grade, square polynomial functions were at around 7-8th grade, but the number sequence prediction tasks were already given at the entrance exams to the 1st grade. I haven't taken PISA or TIMSS tests, but my 8th grade state math exam was 100%. I could redo all the math tasks later on in my head (not just that specific exam, but all math tasks during all schoolyears). So, yes, I can spot elementary math deficiencies in others.

"Did you ever consider that having lots of children is a survival strategy."

For some animal species. Predator species (wolves, for example) are usually capable of regulating their own population size.
It is quite likely that the human species (at least the prolific ones) are in that regard more stupid than any other predator with a spine.

/* *Humanitarians* are not necissarly Chimpanzeesarians. */

In this context, humanitarians are quite racist, to be exact.
The so-called humanitarians only care for individuals of homo sapiens, while disregarding the well-being of populations of homo sapiens and of all other species altogether.