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Looking for a new home 26 9, 12:03am

@ThorsomeTarmukas "Absolutely, because that is the only way to avoid collapse."

Okay... But again, current crisis means less people in the middle east so, the overall ecological footprint remain pretty much the same. Besides, Europe is significantly better at keeping low ecological footprints compared to the less developed middle east.

"BAU scheme is bad"

Oh yea. But everyone else is doing it.

"I am quite sure that contemporary Syrians lived better than estonians did 100 years ago."

Quite possibly, at to bad conditions people leave. And of course better living conditions will attract immigrants. It's called emigration when you emigrate to greener pastures. Doesn't mean that birth rates were lower.
And of course living conditions aren't absolute. It's set in context with contemporary standards, and relative to countries whitin range of communication.

"then their population will crash."

Their total population number wasn't even remotly the reason it became torn apart in a civil war.