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Looking for a new home 29 9, 11:07pm

@ThorsomeTarmukas "To overturn my claim you only need to show that Syria's population has not risen >2x in less than a century."

I don't intend to overturn the claim, I intend to regard it as being irrelevant.

"populations should get smaller to avoid the inevitable crash. "

Oh? And exactly how does one achieve this end? Who decides what part of the population is no longer needed? Are you in a insane belief that anyone would want to decrease their population? Given all the massive economical drawbacks that follows.

"For some animal species. Predator species (wolves, for example) are usually capable of regulating their own population size."

By dying from starvation, yes. Not a self regulation thing as it is totally out of the hand of any individual.
Obviously Humanity has partly overruled natural regulation, something no other spicies to date has achieved. And you call our spiecies stupid? Arrogant is a far better description if there's to be any laid out.

"In this context, humanitarians are quite racist, to be exact."

If favouring preserving the life ones own kin is racist, go ahead and call yourself a racist.

And being a humanitarian doesn't negate being for preservation of other animal spiecies.

However argueing that certain humans shouldn't be allowed to continue their existence however argueing for ones own continued existence rules out being a humanitarian.