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"Maybe you didn't read what you just typed but you just blamed drought. And for that matter the war was hardly inevitable. Going from violence level 2 to violence level 699 in 2 seconds is 99% of the time not a good idea."

Drought was a result of a long period of dwindling water reserves and rapidly increasing population. Once the resources dry up, it's war, as simple as that.

"And what evidence do you have for this thesis? What evidence do you even have for a local ecological collapse has occured in Syria?"

Full evidence will be post-factum.
I have already given the current evidence more than once. GRACE satellite gravimetric data. Population explosion data.

"And do you take into account that massive ground deformation can contribute to an increased biodiversity and floral reclaimation?"


/* A subsidy system priorotizing natives will create a serious social divide between "non-natives" and "natives". Which again, will have the poor side making more children to spread economical disadvantage on a wider population. */

The poor side in the nordic region will usually die off, either quickly or slowly. You should have ample examples in any of the Nordic histories.

"Conspiracies, Conspiracies everywhere..."

Just pure nature and science.