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Day at the beach 1 10, 5:35am

Ok, that's pretty extreme, I can't say I'd ever go that far. But I do get that the further away from the ocean, the more special it is. I have been to a beach on the ocean more times in the past year than I did in the year I lived minutes from the beach, or probably any the years I lived about an hour from the beach.

I love geography, so I'm curious where you live. I've seen a bunch of your posts, and from the various clues, I should be able to figure it out, but I'm thinking that at least one of them is fudged enough that I'm not certain. If the "state I live in" really just means "place," then western TX qualifies, it's about 10 hours from the nearest beach (which is also in TX), about 14 hours from the nearest part of FL, there are mountains in view, it's definitely one of the lowest taxed states, and there are a few smaller things that would fit, too, My second guess would be eastern CO, which would qualify for everything if the driver was going significantly above the speed limit (although from my, admittedly limited experience, a CO drive that speeds enough for that is rare). Eastern NM could also qualify, it would require less speeding, but more fudging on the tax clue. You don't have to answer, though. Other than being curious how good my deductive reasoning is, it really doesn't matter...

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