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@tigercub123 I take it you are not aware that the UK has a much higher violent crime rate than the US. Other countries like australia that have near total gun bans also have higher rates of home invasions and rape. Other countries like japan which have low crime rates accross the board no matter how you look at it also do not have a right against police searches or seizures. China has a low crime rate unless you understand that the chinese communist part is not technically the Chinese government but is responsible for innumerable human rights violations. It is difficult to compare apples to apples or one country to another because they are all too unique for accurate or easy comparison. Food for thought. Take out the top 10 cities with the strictest gun control in the US and the US rate of gun deaths drops significantly. This is not because more gun restrictions cause more gun deaths it is because the gun restrictions are a misconceived response to economic problems in these cities. America on the whole is a very well armed and very peaceful nation.

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