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Looking for a new home 1 10, 11:09pm

@ThorsomeTarmukas "China has done it."

Because they were completley unable to actually you know.. keep people from being poor.
As the average Chinese get wealthier and enjoy higher standards of living the birth rate has slowed down as well.
But tell me how effective is their programs really? Does it lead to less children being born or does it lead to more abandoned infants, infanticides or children simply hidden from authorities?

"Human species is stupid when compared to the wolves or lions or tigers."

Beacause we don't starve to death?

"Africans are directly competing with the chimps for the lebensraum."

"Africans".. And no, they don't. Habitation destruction isn't something that all africans contribute to or is responsible for. It's not something that is required for their own continued existance either. So there's zero problems with being for the continued existance of "Africans" and for the continued existance of chimps.

But if you wanna be like that:
You are directly competing with x number of creatures and plants for lebensraum.

"I have not argued about individuals. I have argued on the level of populations"

Tell me the difference? Exactly how are you going to decrease "level of populations" by not affecting individuals.