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Looking for a new home 1 10, 11:20pm

@ThorsomeTarmukas "Drought was a result of a long period of dwindling water reserves"

Which happens every few decades. It happened when the population of syria was below 900 000 people to. War because of food shortages happened back then as well.

"Full evidence will be post-factum."

so what evidence do you have for Syrian ecology is failing? Drought that has affected the region and elsewhere since times immemorial?

"Population explosion data."

Isn't a valid claim. You've yet to show any evidence on how it corrolates between drought and population explosion. It's all assumptions, and doesn't tell anyone why it didn't happen before the 2010s. And it doesn't explain why north africa and most of the middle east was set ablaze by the arab spring either.


Guess not.

"The poor side in the nordic region will usually die off"

SIGH... give me a single example where poor people "died off". They either got a better economy or they started riots. And you only need to look towards Syria to see what happens when you try to fix riots through violence.