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Looking for a new home 6 10, 2:29am


/* "Africans".. And no, they don't. Habitation destruction isn't something that all africans contribute to or is responsible for. It's not something that is required for their own continued existance either. So there's zero problems with being for the continued existance of "Africans" and for the continued existance of chimps. */

The fight for lebensraum has been going on for millions of years and not just in Kongo. Google: fossil apes of Europe

As far as I know, almost all African countries have increasing populations, most "war refugees" stem from African countries and most of those refugees get refuge in other African countries. It is sufficient to note that there is always war in some parts of Africa to put pressure on the african great apes. The impacts of fighting between (proto-)mongols and chinese changed the populations in Europe, Arabia and India.