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/* "Drought was a result of a long period of dwindling water reserves"

Which happens every few decades. It happened when the population of syria was below 900 000 people to. */

A drought in the Middle East in the 1900s? If there ever was one as strong as the latest one, it impacted the amount of surface water, not the groundwater. Sahara became a desert with the help of human civilisation, even though the groundwater basin remained.

"so what evidence do you have for Syrian ecology is failing?"

The artificial environment of the local human civilisation is failing due to the dwindling groundwater reserves (according to the GRACE satellite). Groundwater reserves are being used more and more because of the rising populations and because of the depletion of surface water reserves.

/* "Population explosion data."

Isn't a valid claim. You've yet to show any evidence on how it corrolates between drought and population explosion. */

It is a valid claim. There is no need for any additional evidence. Read above. Or below:
Rising population -> loss of surface water and loss of groundwater.
Only the humans are able to cause the loss of groundwater.
Drought is merely the last straw.