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Looking for a new home 8 10, 10:00am

What the heck are you even talking about? Fertility rates have nothing to do with anything in the Middle East. The only countries with really high fertility rates like you're saying are Oman and Yemen, neither of which are providing the refugees to Europe (Oman isn't even having problems of any kind).
Just because apparently actually looking up information is hard for some people here's the fertility rates in the muslim Middle East.
Turkey: 2
Syria: 3
Lebanon: 1-2
Jordan: 2-3
Iraq: 4-5
Libya: 3-4
Tunisia: 2
Algeria: 2
Morocco: 3
Iran: 2
Azerbaijan: 2-3
Oman: 6
Yemen: 7

The region of the world with high ass fertility in the modern day is tropical Africa. Also holy lol at "responsible" you understand nothing about fertility studies. You know what's responsible? Doing your research before opening your mouth on serious issues.