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Looking for a new home 9 10, 4:09am

So you have no idea why Hungary is a traffic center at all huh?
Hint: It has to do with geography.

Why the Americas are wisened sages on immigration. Hmm. Well let me put it this way, you know all these conversations going on in Europe right now? We were having them like...a century ago. Earlier even in some cases. Hell when it comes to the super homogenous places like Hungary I would hazard saying they're at a place we were at at least two centuries ago.
Of course none of us (not the US, not Canada, and certainly not Latin America) were ever homogenous nation states. Of course historically neither was anywhere in the world except maybe the Korean peninsula lol. But Romantic Nationalism really did a number on Europe's psyche.

Also I should add this basic summary of what I'm getting at:
When it comes to class issues, America is weak and Europe is strong.
Europe had to contend with nobility, societal decimation in WW2, and such things. Because it had worse class issues originally it has become experienced in dealing with them. Whereas the US is awkward as hell and still learning, we got lazy and fat on our less problems in that category.
However when it comes to issues of diverse race and ethnicity? America is strong and Europe is weak. Because we had actual major diversity and continue to have more and more, because we had such awful things as racial based slavery as well of course...we have had to confront and deal with these types of issues. Whereas Europe has (say it with me) gotten lazy and fat on their less problems in that category.
I'm obviously not saying Europe has no class problems, of course it does. And obviously America still has problems with race and ethnic/religious diversity, of course we do.
But the gaps in experience are vast. Feel free to laugh at idiot Americans you meet online ranting about SOCIALIZM DESTROYING AMERICA. You have every right. I meanwhile will join with you on that as well as laugh at Europeans running around terrified of immigrants.