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Looking for a new home 9 10, 10:51am

No you're not following me. Hungary isn't the only country on the way to Germany, so why is it receiving the brunt of traffic? Do you know the lay of the land?
Strive is the wrong word exactly, but certainly experience with it makes a country know what the hell it is doing in situations like this. Makes them less stupidly xenophobic when faced with change like Hungary.

"Nobody in Europe minds regular immigrants. Grouping them with refugees and especially wellfare refugees is either foolish or intentionally misleading."

Oh and I suppose all you folks when you came over here and became so many of us were suit and tie wearing middle class folks just getting a new position. And were absolutely not fleeing from warzones, dictators, and oh yes economic crap. As I recall the phrase was that our streets were "paved with gold". Even bigger lol if you think all of them came over legally and played nice and legit on arrival.