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Family Time 13 10, 5:08pm

Yes we do love to put grated cheese on many things, but SAVOURY dishes only, for the love of God..! Not biscuits!! I actually thought at first you were making a joke about how we can buy pre-grated cheese in the supermarket, for those too lazy to grate their own (incredibly expensive way to buy cheese - I just don't get it!) - but baking biscuits (from scratch) with your kids is definitely a time-honoured and cherished British tradition. Mom should really be more scandalised! Also, are all the additives in that cookie dough really good for you?!

Also to correct a strange misconception further down in the comments, we do not put vinegar on everything to make it taste better :P We put vinegar principally on chips (American: fries) - and in salad dressing. We also eat quite a lot of pickles. That's about it!