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Never Happened 14 10, 1:12am

I'm not saying that isn't true but I'd really like to see your sources for this information. I can find an article which says 22 million Americans believe they were faked. And I found an article which says a quarter of the 1009 people surveyed thought they were fake. (If you read the article, it shows it isn't representative of the population whatsoever.) That's 252 stupid Brits to 22 million stupid Americans. You do the math...
ETA: OK I decided to come edit this because it sounds a bit like I'm saying 'Americans are more stupid than Brits!' and I'm really not. It's just that American culture tends to be really big on both conspiracy theory and religious fanaticism and they both conspire to make people believe daft stuff like faking the moon landings. Brits just really don't tend to get so worked up about science... (or anything, much!) I'd be astonished if it turned out so many Brits felt this way, and I can't believe it without proof.
ETA2: Right, is THIS what's going on?
I rest my case :p

America wearing England's shirt