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Good Business 14 11, 6:14am

@TheChief i will take 100 vikings with me to battle any day over 10.000 conscripts. A fighting force that does not only laugh at death in battle, but celebrates it as basically a VIP Card into Valhalla is a VERY dangerous fighting force. you cant hit the morale at any point. Wars are won in the will and the Heart. a true viking with laugh in your face as he is bleeding out all the while praising the fact, that there WAS someone that could send him to live with the gods. also: Odin was more than a warmongerer. he was, as you point out, god of war. but also god of visdom, rune magic, royal powers (for chieftians) and bardic abilities. all of the old gods has multiple roles to fill out. you re making a very Deep culture (which is also 34000 years older than christianity, one might add) and making it into this crude barbarian mishmash... no offence inteded m8 :)