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Looking for a new home 18 11, 12:02am

@Unka_Oogie If they feel our country is THAT bad, I have no problem to let them to leave. They even complain about the food we serve for them: [ ] [ ]. You should respect the ones that're trying to help you! You would, if you were fled for your life. About the article behind the link: every week we have a porridge day at every school and kindergarten around the country. So the refugees were not served inferior meals. Even my university serves porridge as a main meal once a week. It's good and healthy if you take berry kissel with it.

If you're looking for something positive, at least we'll be able to see who really is in the need of help and who's only trying to improve their living conditions... It inevitably makes you wonder what is true and what's not about this crisis. It's also sad, that some people complain about food, while others are still being killed in the war areas.