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Good Business 28 11, 1:51am

@Bloodblender 1) More rape and murder and pillage then the vikings? I doubt that. Very much.
2) The fact that they weren't a threat was the entire reason the heathen bastards attacked my forebears. Christians were a peaceful lot, especially the monks, and therefore were an easy targets for the predations of the Northmen.

Define " a sense of shame". You mean they didn't encourage rape and concubinage? And who the fuck are you to lecture someone about freedom? The VIkings were some of the biggest slave traders in history, right up there with the Triangle Trade Route in the New World.

...and Hitler made the trains run on time but that means sweet fuck all to those who died and suffered under him. My ancestors died at Clontarf to drive your heathens into the sea just as they did at Bannockburn with Edward the Murderer and Aughrim with the Orange Bastard.