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Good Business 30 11, 5:44am

@TheChief Quite frankly, if someone is going to rape, torture and kill, at least they can be honest about it. Don't go around doing horrible shit then tell the survivors or the ones being tortured "We did it because God loves you and we are only 'purifying' you." "Why did we ruin your culture, take your land, kill and torture your people? So we could bring you the love and mercy of God." Pagan peoples didn't give a rats' ass who you worshipped, you simply had something they wanted and if you weren't strong enough to defend it, you didn't deserve to have it.
Those of the Yaweh faith claim that truth is ever so important to them but then they go and lie about damned near everything. 'Thou shalt not steal' yet they will steal anything they can get. They will take something that belongs to someone else and claim it was theirs all along. 'Love thy neighbor,' 'Judge not lest ye be judged,' yet these very same people are some of the most judgmental and intolerant people you will ever see.