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Good Business 30 11, 5:45am

You clearly dont understand what I wrote.
1) I didnt say that christians were responsible for more murder and rape then vikings. That was about the same. I meant that christian invaders did that as well, and put oppression to injury by destroying religion and adding a sense of shame of the things that make us human.
2) Some christians were peaceful, just as some heathen were peaceful, and raiders prefer soft and easy targets. More loot for less risk and effort. This is nothing that have anything to do with religion, but is simply rational thinking of the common pirate. However, the target of monesteries did have to do with religion, as raiders who were christian usuly were too afraid to call up on the wrath of their god by attacking a place hallowed to him. The vikings, however, did not fear their own gods, as fear was not part of their religion, so why would they fear somone elses god? For them it was just a soft and juicy target. If you wish to find examples of christians who were not peaceful, you can find plenty of them in about any history book. The differens between christianity and heathen religions is minimal in that regard.

By a sense of shame I mean the feeling of shame for feeling desire. Women, especialy, were discouraged to do so. I am not talking about rape or sexslavery, but the simple feeling, and acting, on mutual physical love. Concerning freedom I am refering to the freedom of the mind, the freedom of speaking and especialy feeling as you wish, without somone telling you that it was wrong, and tell you how to speak, think and feel instead.

Besides Hitler, I have no idea who those you bring up are. And as you are an american, I also dont know who your ancestors were. I dont get what you are hinting at here.
And what does Hitler have to do with this?