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Good Business 30 11, 10:10am

@Bloodblender You 're one to talk of not understanding.
1. Do you honestly think those HEathen savages were any more careful with the religion or the culture of those they victimized? THey didn't leave the culture alone out of any manner of tolerance, but rather their entire internal culture was focused on pillage and warfare.
2. I know of them.

What makes us human is not our animalistic desires but rather that we are capable of rising above them. Lust and such feelings are base desires that all creatures of this world save for us are salves to, and that is the reason we are the dominant species.

The point is no matter what aspects of Viking culture there were that doesn't really matter to those who suffered at their hands. They can be as kind and peace-loving as they want at home but when they're brutally murdering and pillaging in your lands what they do on their home turf doesn't count for anything.