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Inflation 1 12, 5:31am

Relatively small defense budget? How can consistently spending more than what 2/3 of every other country on the planet spend put together on defense, be a small budget? Compared to what, the Empire's defense budget (I gotta imagine the death star might even be more than we spend on military gadgets). It's a majority of all the discretionary spending in the Federal budget, so in no way is it small...

The broken promises are problematic, but actually, most of the promises that are broken would be more expensive if kept than broken. Many of the promises made are literally impossible, and even more would be disastrous if kept. It is actually fortunate that more promises that have been made weren't kept. It is very unfortunate that the electorate demands such unrealistic or untenable promises. Reelection rates are generally about 90%, and when held accountable, it's generally for under-promising, not over-promising.