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In Space 2 12, 8:11am

@JOL Uhh, well Napoleon for one thing (if you want successful French generals), what with defeating 5(?) different country coalitions raised against him before his eventual defeat (I highly suspect if Nelson hadn't defeated his fleet he'd have taken us (England), too). William the Conqueror, too. You know, when he conquered England in 1066? Held it for about 100 years, too. I mean, France has had at least 24 wars with England alone, never mind the other countries it's fought.

Of course, if you count it by places they conquered Denmark did very well - they had most of Scandanavia, England, Greenland at one point (colonially). However, the French Empire was at it's time the second largest empire behind the English one and spanned nearly 13 million square km. The Danes have a pretty impressive military history, but France well and truly trumps it. I think the American stereotype of the French surrendering has really corrupted the way the rest of the world view them

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