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Good Business 2 12, 1:02pm

@TheChief i meant it purely as fun fact. another couple of fun facts: some members of the Cro-Magnon people (the "original" cave dwellers) did in fact build small dirt Hurts with mammoth tusks as bearing corner elements in semi-submerged huts built halfway into the ground. bear in mind this was 250.000 years ago. though it should be said that this happened mostly on the great planes with a lack of natural caves. and personally, while i may be a "godless pagan" :P i do not want christianity banned. as a religion it has a lot to offer. some people ( and with this i mean only a few extremists) should not read it so litterally but rather use it as a guide for inspiration just like i do with the hávamál. the Word is not law but the Word CAN guide :)