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E-ELT 3 12, 5:14am

@Rioluman Sincerily, i do not know. Last time i checked, India was the largest exporter of sugar in the world or something, but yes, largest one or not we do export lots of sugar. And oranges. And meat. And all other sorts of commodities as well, and sometimes planes (praise EMBRAER!).

In fact, some people say (whether this is true or not i do not know, but it does make some sense) that we get all the "bad" fruit, vegetables and meat because the "good" ones are exported to meet the requirements of European and North American markets; so there was this time when Russia refused to buy Brazilian meat because one sample had been found that did not meet health requirements, and all the meat that was to be delivered there got stuck here; I remember me and my family joked at the time, "we're finally getting the good stuff!"

In fact, we produce so much sugarcane we don't even use it all for sugar; a great part of the production is processed into ethanol, which is used to fuel vehicles. Here, ethanol is not only a viable, but also a very common and cheaper alternative to gasoline. Damn, the guys at EMBRAER even designed a cropdusting plane that runs on ethanol (obviously higher-grade than what you use to fuel cars) to cut down the costs on the farmers.

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