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Up there 3 12, 1:42pm


I presume that you are swedish here, correct me if i am wrong and my scorn will be taken back.
Yes Denmark surrendered during the invasion because we thought that we could ride out the storm as a neutral country, like we did in WW1, so we did not have a standing army and as you know Denmark is not all that full of natural resources so we didn't think we would be important to the nazis.

Seems the germans wanted the coast of Denmark and Norway; now talking about the invasion of Norway, i do believe it was the swedes that allowed the nazis to board their trains and ride the trains into Norway, allowing the nazis to transport men, equipment and jews around more efficiently, once again showing that Sweden is, well... only as neutral as it benefits them... WW2 says more about Sweden that Denmark it seems... Just sayin'...

America wearing England's shirt