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Good Business 5 12, 2:58am

1. They were not "more carful" about religion, that was not my point. In fact, they simply didnt care about what religion other people had, and that is why conquered peoples could keep up their religious traditions. It didnt bother scandinavians if their new citizens were christian, celtic, muslims, or whatever. And no, pillaging and waging war was not the entire internal culture, wich you would know if you had any deeper knowlage on the subject. There was violence in the culture, just as there was among the celts, romans and, yes, christians. I would recomend that you read up on the subject. In english there is the thesis The Viking Way, written by Neil S. Price, wich is well worth the read, and it is rather easy to read, even for those who are unfamiliar with scientific literature.
2. In that case you know why calling christians in generl peaceful dosent hold up. In the same way you cant name heathen as raiders in general.

So we are already there (altho many biologists would argue about the "dominant species" claim". Why try to put it to extremes? Why not just live and let live?
Desires may be a less dominant part of us humans, but that does not mean we should always push our desires aside. There is a major difference between denying yourself and others somthing, and another to learn to master your want for it. Instead of an ideal of celibasy, and allowing sex only for making children, all this put on a social level, why not let people be people? Some will seek to grow as individuals while others will not regardless of this, but there would be less feelings of shame for somthing that naturaly is part of who we are.

The vikings who raided many areas were, as I have already pointed out, no more violent then other (some of them christian) raiders of the time. They were simply more successful and didnt care if there were religious boundries of certain areas. Infact, their violence was nothing compared to what certain christians did during the third and fourth crussades. Besides the body count, the vikings at least didnt have the idea that all the murdering, raping and plunder would grant them 'forgiveness for their sins'.