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Good Business 5 12, 8:02am

1. What does Viking culture have to do with science? And I must reiterate I don't care what their culture was, anymore than those who suffered under them did.
2. Exactly how many charities are run by heathens? How many peace treaties have they negotiated? How many non-profit hospitals do they run? How many overseas aid services? How many orphanages? Adoption services? Colleges? How many?

We are arguably the dominant species, as we are the only sentient creatures on the face of the Earth, as well as the only creatures able to bend our environment to our own will. What does "live and let live" have to do with this?
You're saying people ought to be allowed to choose but vilifying Christians for making the choice that you don't personally hold with.

Does that matter? Does someone's motivations change what they did? If you kill a man just because youi wanted his money, not because of some religious belief, is that man any less dead?