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Good Business 5 12, 10:50pm

1. Humanistic science is used for studiyng their culture, of course. And if you dont bother learning their culture, how can you judge them? Judging somthing without first trying to understand it first is, quite frankly, stupid.
2. If by heathen you here is refering to pre-christian ones, it is quite easy to say they run none, as they no longer exist. The religion is long dead, killed by christianity. There are attempts to resurect it, but as such it is just in the starting stages, and far too much knowlage have been lost, and nowdays the scandinavian gouverments and religiously unbound non profit organizations make the things on your list. If you, however, still are refering to heathen as some kind of general term for non christians, there are many examples of the items of your list being made reality by such. The most obvious examples are, of course, found in Asia, within buddhism and hinduism.

If you mean that being sentient is a qualification for being dominant, the sure, even tho many would say that there are other qualities, such as being evolutionary successful (like the crocodile), adaptable (cockroach) or having numerous sub species (beetle).
By live and let live in the context I mean that we should all be allowed to do our thing and find our own way, rather then somone trying to convonce you of changing religion, and then adding a sense of shame for somthing very human that is part of us all.
I dont mind people being christian, if it is by choice. What I am against is that christianity is a missionating and very jealus religion wich is focused on outcompeting other out of existance, and then adding a sense of shame as a side dish.

I still dont know what you are trying to point out here. What have Hitler to do with paganism and christianity? Nothing. But sure, the reasons why somone is killed dosent make anyone less dead, wich is a good enough reason why christianity dosent realy come out as a better religion then any other. Just look at the body count that christian swords, torture knives and burning stakes is responsible for.