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Up there 8 12, 2:47am

@azaer You should drop the arrogant holier than thou attitude, WWII says plenty about both of our nations. Denmark thought they could ride out WWII as a neutral country, so did Sweden, you got invaded and we didn't, so you shipped off all your Jewish citizens(to Sweden mind you) and then proceeded to treat the German "occupiers" so well that they referred to Denmark as the "whipped cream front".
Which was absolutely not necessary, Denmark could have given them the French/Polish version of a resistance movement(i.e. a proper one).

Sweden on the other hand didn't get invaded, but had to make a number of concessions to stay that way, our military were similarly complete shit(because a lot of people thought that there couldn't be another Great European war again) that wouldn't have stood up to an invasion. So we were both equally self serving in our own ways, don't delude yourself into thinking otherwise.

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