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Napoleon was Corsican (Italian) not French.
William the Conqueror was Norman (Scandinavian) not French.

Beyond that the military prowess of France should not be understated. They survived for 800 years against at the heart of Europe with unfriendly neighbours all around.
Ohh and Denmark surrendered in 6 hours due to every major city having been secured and having it's military infrastructure demolished and the government deciding against fighting a battle which was already lost. It cost them 16 killed and 20 wounded (including civilian losses) vs 203 german soldiers KIA (not confirmed by Germany btw). Denmark did not have any outside support against the surprise assault by the Wehrmacht due to having been a neutral country.
The invasion of France took 46 days with the loss of Paris and subsequent flight of the government. The invasion cost the Axis 163,676 dead or wounded vs the allies 360.000. France had military support from GB and had taken up defensive positions (albeit in the wrong spot) after their own declaration of war.

You see, DK may have surrendered very fast, but it is also a relatively small country which had multiple simultaneous incursions with naval landings in Copenhagen, Gedser, Nyborg and Korsør as well as airborne assaults at Masnedø (first ever recorded btw) and Karup and a border incursion by mechanised infantry. DK didn't have a modern army at the time but still managed to inflict relatively heavy losses on the technologically, tactically and numerically superior German Wehrmacht.

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