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Good Business 15 12, 3:45am

1. Explain to me exactly what I don't know. I'm well aware that most Northmen were farmers at home and that a good percentage of their gods were war-oriented, but that doesn't change any of the things that were done by the Norse.

2. Honestly I don;t remember what this line of arguments was about.

Buddhism differs from every religion because Buddhism isn't a religion. In any nation which those religions ruled in the ancient times, those of different faiths would be persecuted. I don't judge them, mind you, being as it was ages ago.

We all have a natural capability towards sin which is known as Original Sin. And what did the Christians do to "your people" specifically?

The whole is more than the sum of it's parts. We are not merely animals. We are more than animals, we are not slaves to our natural drives and urges and therefore ought to rise above them.

I have my doubts you are much in the way of favoring my religion.
The Nordic religion believed it was alright to raid and terrorize others because they were weaker than yourself. My ancestors suffered from that? Should I give a damn about what they did on the home front, which in no way, shape or form affected my ancestors?