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Keep your hands to yourself 16 12, 3:12pm

@NorwaySwedenDenmark I don't know anything about vikings, but this does indeed sound like ProtoChronism, only that instead of Romanians there are Scandinavians. Protochronism was started by the communists. It was basically propaganda. I don't know if it was used in other communist countries or just here, but here is what it was: Due to low national esteem, the communists decided they should raise it somehow. There was nothing there could be said about Romanians that was good enough, so they took Dacians( the population thatwas romanised in order to create Romanians, there isn't much known about it) and started to lie about it, that they were first to *insert here*. So I guess that could be related to this, that Vikings were known to be quite brutal and primitive so...