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Keep your hands to yourself 16 12, 7:28pm

@joshupetersen Like all hell on earth! Your bullshit demands some serious citations you god damned idiot!
50% of viking invaders were not women. I know there was a bullshit thing passing around that they were, but if it were true it would be seen in every record talking about vikings outside of scandinavia, and it doesn't. Women were sometimes part of the viking warbands as shieldmaidens but it was far from the majority you moron! The only thing that was a common thing was that women and family followed their men to new lands to live there (Which might explain scottish people a tad bit more) but they were not 50% women! You LITERALLY are WRONG!!!
And the idea that Vaklyries changes gender roles are probably pulled out of your arse, they acted as servants to Odin, ALL OF THEM, so if anything that fact that female GODS was a far greater reason for it!