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Keep your hands to yourself 17 12, 3:19am


1. As I recall, all vikings unearthed in the Salme ship burial were male.
2. Swedes had to loan the gender-neutral personal pronoun from the finnic languages (finnish in particular).

Thus the germanic scandinavian medieval feminism was weaker than that of finnic feminism. The finnic matriarchy has survived in the finnic languages in several separate ways, while nothing similar can be observed in the germanic languages (at least that I am aware of, which admittedly is not much).

PS. There is a saying in estonian language
"paneb käe külge" = puts (his) hand on (her)

There is another saying as well:
"lööb külge" = hits the side of a person / hooks up with a person / is humping the side (of a person)