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Keep your hands to yourself 19 12, 12:14am

@Draxynnic Sorry, but I couldn't keep myself from laughing at the " the horned helmets was an embellishment to align them with the Devil". I've never heard any credible scholar say something like that. The horned helmets are a modern invention from the 19 th century.

The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence. Just because nobody wrote that the Vikings didn't rape during raids on villages doesn't mean they didn't rape. As I said, the thing is that the Vikings most likely did rape during certain raids or conquests, just like all soldiers did back then. However, they were not known for it and didn't do it as much as many laymen believe they did. They didn't rape more than the other Europeans did and since this was the norm back then, people knew it happened. The Vikings raided monasteries and churches a lot, were there were mostly men. Rape would only occur when invading a city or village.

The ancestral thing I do not find to be a very convincing argument against Vikings committing rapes. Try go to the Middle East and see how many of the people have European genes in them and from that conclude that the Crusaders didn't rape.