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Keep your hands to yourself 24 12, 8:52pm

@crwydryny Yeah I know, but my point still remains that the Vikings didn't write laws on trees and stones with futhrak. And I know that long ones have been found, the one on jelling stone is pretty long in my opinion, but I have heard that some have sagas written on them but I'm not too sure about that one.

Well perhaps in Denmark Christianity can be found in the 6th century, but in Norway and Sweden Christianity didn't get a strong foothold until around the 9th century, but this is still earlier than the first Christian kings. The early form was not very orthodox though and old pagan beliefs was still held strong until later which is why they could live side by side. This also goes up in what I said about using the past to prove a modern point. Just because we can find evidence that Christians and Heathens lived in the same area doesn't mean that this is evidence of proto-pluralistic ideas. There might have been quite hostile towards each other for all we know.

If these Runic Inscriptions on doors state fines and laws which Humon site here than I am glad for telling me, but post-pagan Medieval laws are not appropriate to call "Viking Laws".