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New Year 2015-2016 31 12, 2:21am

'@Zervo' The spoiled generation was probably the one that you cannot no more give a knife in their hands, without them hurting themselves after doing a little work.

Yes, people died younger and had more lethal accidents back in the old days. Evolution was still working with humans too.

What is common to my father's generation (baby boomers), my oldest siblings generation (Generation X) and my own generation (Generation Y, millennials), is that we grew up being a lot outdoors and there was no internet. But people born in 2000 and after (Generation Z) have had different problems. I envy them not. They born into the complex, bureaucratic, boring world where everything sucks from television to music and world is full of schoolshootings and terrorists and rapists and you have to go to university to have a job in a supermarket and every other person that you see is eating depression medication and everybody's socially isolated, at least in emotional level.

When I was teenager, there was 0 teens eating antidepressants. 0 teens were anorectic. 0 teens were slashing themselves with razors. 0 schoolshootings.... I could go on and on. Sometimes I think we millennials (Generation Y) are the lucky bastards, we were teenagers when the internet came to public and were able to learn how it works when it was still simple. Just like many other technology that came to be afterwards. Life was just.. so much easier and happy overall.

"It was all so different before everything changed" -Old saying of the jungle.