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The joy of giving 31 12, 8:55pm

'@Vexillo' It's not really hated, just made fun of little bit, since we have lot of fennoswedes here and many of their males are quite a bit more effeminate than average and considered a little snobbish and snooty and really easily offended. We don't really have other nordic minorities.

Well, you know, even your most fierce athletes use hair conditioner, your soldiers use hairnets, and even your criminals and skinheads look like angry whining lesbians.. if man is openly gay, it's understandable, but married with children... it is still quite odd here that man is using many different lotions on his face and even make-up and rubs his wife's legs and taking care of the children home and talks about feelings and cries while watching romantic comedy, or even choose romantic comedy to watch, not to mention choosing wines and going to salons.. and pilates, yoga, zumba and spinning are not men's sports! :D

But whatever makes you happy... and it's looking pretty much the same in our capital. I've said for years, that world is going to the dogs. I want back to 80's, where the world was normal, men were men and women were women. xD