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The joy of giving 31 12, 10:51pm

'@Vexillo' In the 80's, world was normal. Have you watched 80's movies? Everything was relaxed and fun. 90's were meh... but still rather normal. Nowadays everything sucks. Music is crap, I've even unplugged my television, there's nothing to watch. There was no reality-crap back in the good old days.

If you only knew what glory days the 80's were... I could write a book, but one of the most extreme thing was that in early 80's, instead of 35 years, mortgage of a new house was paid in 8 years, everybody had a summer cabin and a new car was paid in one year. Even though the father of the family was in very ordinary, blue-collar job in a factory and mother was at home, cleaning the house and making food.

Nowadays both parents are highly educated, both go to work and have only 2 children and still many have trouble with bills and even buying food. And in the 80's and 90's, terrorists, people eating antidepressants, schoolshootings and anorectic teen slashing themselves were made-believe, they didn't exists except in the movies. Nobody wouldn't believe that in the future there are things like gaming addiction (both videogames and moneygames). Nobody was anxious. There was no really boring day. World is sick and complex nowadays, no more fun, only people doing things that they call "fun" (which are expensive, of course). Mostly at electronic toys. And in 80's, fat person was a rare sight even though we ate anything we want and cooked with butter.

And my first computer, Commodore 64 was the best! :)