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New Year 2015-2016 4 1, 1:34am

'@Criculann' Yes, Internet has revolutionized the way we get information, wikipedia is nice, easy to learn animations about thermodynamics and quantum physics and algebra and calculus and complex analysis and digital logic gates are something we didn't have even wet dreams about before.

However fun learning and watching movies may be, they are not actually "having fun". Nothing you do at the computer is. Well, except ShellScript, Python and breaking your neighbour's wi-fi's ancient WEP-encryption and trolling on religious people forums can be remotely amusing, but that's just because the outside world has become dead.

There were 0 schoolshootings in my country at 80's and 90's. Wars (like Falkland at 80's) didn't affect us here in any way, unlike terrorism. Violent crimes going down? In the old days, if someone was being an asshole, you smacked some sense into him. End of problem. And you were pals with him maybe already the next day. Today, it's a police matter. And so called "victim" needs a therapist, I mean... come on!

In early 90's, people laughed at the idea that you couldn't smoke cigarettes in an airplane, of course you must be able to smoke in cars, inside homes, planes... you could smoke everywhere except certain parts in a hospital. Now you can't smoke anywhere, not even in a nightclub and price is ridiculous, so I had to quit. And without cigarettes, booze doesn't hit you like it used to and people are not even drinking like they used to, let loose their wild side. And instead, everyone is smoking weed. No wonder, because it's magic is solely that it makes it okay to feel bored, i.e. to live in this current sorry excuse for a reality.

All rules and restrictions are 1000x harder than they used to be. No way I could take couple beers, drive a moped without helmet carrying an air rifle and drive to have fun. I would immediately have 10 patrols of polices after me. It used to be completely normal. There wasn't even seatbelts in backseat of cars when I was young. We were not in danger there, we were having fun wrestling. And after year 2000, people wouldn't dare to go even to the nearest forest without mobile phone. Even thought about it scares them. Everything scares them.

And Socrates, Aristotle, Platon, my father's generation and my own knew how to use a knife without hurting ourselves! :D