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New Year 2015-2016 4 1, 3:30pm

@real-cool-cat I'm going to use numbers to address each of your paragraphs separately.

1,2: Well, if you don't consider that fun I can't help it. Personally, I'm having a lot of fun expanding my horizon and watching movies/series/reading books I wouldn't even know of without the Internet and that made me cry and laugh.

3: Your first sentence is incorrect. There was a schoolshooting in Finland during the 80s ( Wars might not have affected you but they affected a lot of other people much more than you're by terrorism today. As for that, googling "terrorism attacks in finland" I could only find one from 2002. Is that the only one or do you know of others? If it's the former there doesn't seem to be such a problem in your country.
Your "smacking some sense into them" might work with friends who had one too much (I mean it's not like we don't do it today if all else fails) but certainly not with, say, an armed robber. You can't "smack some sense into" someone you don't know especially if they're ok with hurting or even killing you to achieve their ends.
Regarding your last point, nobody is being forced to go to a therapist but sometimes one might be needed. If you aren't one of those who'd need one fine, it's still a good thing the option exists for those who do.

4: What you couldn't smoke in hospitals? That's crazy? In all seriousness, there are still places where you can smoke. If you're so intent on smoking and getting drunk, buy some cigarettes and booze, drive somewhere remote (preferably with a few friends) and "let loose your wild side". Oh, and the price is so high to keep people like you from smoking ;) Your lung will thank you. Though, you probably already know that. Can't say much about weed. It all robs you of parts of your consciousness, so some might say they're all just there to making living for the unhappy more agreeable.

5: Yes, safety rules are stricter. I don't know if you're implying you'd like to drive drunk but if so you should know yourself why that's not a good idea. I don't see how a helmet is limiting your fun. And yes, you were in danger without seatbelts in the backseat although you wouldn't notice without having an accident. Seriously, there are other places where you can have fun.

This all just sounds like you're unable to find fun things to do. The world is huge and possibilities are far greater than even a decade ago. If you can't see the good in that, then I have to say it's your fault, not the world's because everyone else is having fun.

P.S.: Try going to a LAN-party. That's the equivalent to going to an arcade hall, not flash games.